AIPIM elects new governing bodies

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has elected on March its new governing bodies for the 2019/2021 term.

President – José Carlos Matias
Vice-President – Gilberto Lopes
Secretary – Andreia Sofia Silva
Treasurer – Joana Freitas
Member – Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro
Member – Kelsey Wilhelm
Member – Salomé Fernandes

Alternate  Members
Nelson Moura
Viviana Chan

Chairman – João Francisco Pinto
Member – José Miguel Encarnação
Member – Sheyla Zandonai

Alternate  Member
Karen Keith

President – Paulo Barbosa
Member – Sónia Nunes
Member – Cláudia Aranda

Alternate Member
Elsa Jacinto

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7, 14/7/2018
AIPIM and USJ hold workshop on media law
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) and the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) have held a workshop on media Law on the 7th and 14th of July. The workshop was attended by 12 participants, nearly all being AIPIM members. The lecturers were highly regarded Macau legal experts Jorge Menezes and Luís Pessanha. They shared their expertise on matters such as fundamental rights, press freedom, freedom of expression, intellectual property rights, civil and criminal law, among other topics. AIPIM would like to thank, first and foremost USJ and the lecturers, but also the participants and Rui Cunha Foundation and the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) – entities that have also lent support to this initiative.
AIPIM is planning to hold additional workshops on media law to he held in English and Portuguese in the near future.

AIPIM - Macau Portuguese and English Press Association supports IFJ's call on world governments to back a proposal for a Convention on journalists’ protection
AIPIM - Macau Portuguese and English Press Association shows its full support to the call by the International Federation of Journalists on world governments to back an International Convention on the safety and independence of journalists and other media professionals. As we commemorate World Press Freedom Day, in line with IFJ's statement, we underline that the recent spike in violence targeting journalists in some countries is "a stark reminder that there can be no press freedom when journalists live and work in fear". Please find below IFJ’
Macau, May 3, 2018
AIPIM Board of Directors

Workshop with Financial Times Asia news editor Victor Mallet
The Script Road Festival and the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association AIPIM) are co-organizing a workshop with renowned journalist and author Victor Mallet to be held on Saturday, March 10, at 11am, at Rui Cunha Foundation (1st floor auditorium).
It will be a rare opportunity to interact and learn from the Asia news editor for the Financial Times. The session will be held in English.
Those who are interested in joining the workshop should register via e-mail to:

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Dear Rector Song Yonghua

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) congratulates you on your nomination as the Rector of the University of Macau (UM) and upon assuming office. AIPIM wishes you success in this role, one of great importance to the development of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR).
Also, on this day the association would like to encourage the use of the Portuguese language, particularly in the
communication platforms the university uses with the public as well as with the Portuguese-speaking journalists. The practice, which is not currently widely implemented, would be important in spreading the message of the university, a public institution, through one of the MSAR’s official languages.
A renewed focus on the use of the Portuguese language by the university would facilitate a more direct and effective communication with the Portuguese-speaking media, which serves communities not only within Macau but also on a global scale, in particular given the context of Macau as a platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.
Many thanks for your kind attention.
Yours truly,
Macau, January 9, 2018
AIPIM Board of Directors

“IFJ grants affiliation to local press association”
Macau Daily Times

“Local journalist’s association becomes associate member of International Federation of Journalists”
Macau News Agency

AIPIM joins International Federation of Journalists

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has been informed by the Secretariat of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) that it has been accepted as associate member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) during a meeting of IFJ's Executive Committee, held on the 18th and 19th of November in Tunes, Tunisia.
AIPIM warmly welcomes this decision with a sense of duty and responsibility. Joining IFJ has been an objective of our members over the years. Becoming a member of IFJ is especially meaningful not only for AIPIM members but for the whole of Macau's journalistic community. AIPIM becomes the first Macau journalists' association to join the world's largest and most important international journalists organization.
Joining IFJ will allow AIPIM to strengthen our role in standing for core-values such as freedom of the press, access to information, right to information, journalists' rights and ethical values.

Macau, November 20, 2017
AIPIM Board of Directors


AIPIM to hold workshops on journalism ethics with Eric Wishart and Joaquim Fidalgo

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) is launching the “AIPIM TRAINING SERIES”. It entails a series of workshops and training programmes for journalists focusing on perfecting their professional skills and knowledge about the pressing issues and challenges facing contemporary journalism.
Following the approval of AIPIM’s first Code of Ethics earlier this year (on May 20), our first round of training sessions will address ethical challenges faced by journalists. Aiming at providing a broad perspective on the issues at stake, AIPIM has invited two distinguished veteran journalists, educators and scholars, based in Hong Kong (Eric Wishart) and Portugal (Joaquim Fidalgo), to share with us their expertise and exchange views with the local journalistic community.
We will be holding two sessions, one in English and the other one in Portuguese as follows:

1 - Workshop on Journalism Ethics (English)
Speaker: Eric Wihshart
Date: November 25
Time: 10:00-13:00
Venue: Rui Cunha Foundation, Auditorium, 1st floor.

Eric Wishart  is a member of the global news management of Agence France-Presse (AFP). He started his career back in the 1970s as a reporter in Scottish newspapers and joined AFP in Paris 1984. Since then Eric Wishart has been head of the Middle East English service (Nicosia, 1992-1996), Asia-Pacific editor (Hong Kong, 1996-1999), global editor-in-chief (Paris, 1999-2005) and Asia-Pacific director (2005-2012). He has drawn up the new ethical and sourcing guidelines for AFP and has a particular interest in journalist training as he lectures part-time at Hong Kong Baptist University.
He was president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Hong Kong in 2016/2017.

2 - Workshop on Journalism Ethics (Portuguese)
Speaker: Joaquim Fidalgo
Date: December 9
Time: 10:00-13:00 / 15:00-18:00
Venue: Rui Cunha Foundation, Auditorium, 1st floor.

Joaquim Fidalgo is an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Universidade do Minho, Portugal. His PhD dissertation thesis addressed the journalists’’ professional identity, ethics and self-regulation. Before embarking on an academic career, Joaquim Fidalgo worked as a professional journalist (between 1980 and 1999) for Portugal’s most prestigious newspapers such as “Jornal de  Notícias”, “Expresso” and “Publico”, where he had a stint as Newspaper Ombudsman  (1999-2001). He has published a number of academic articles and book chapters on journalistic ethics, media outlets’ accountability, self-regulation and new media.

The training sessions are designed exclusively for journalists. The programmes will be free of charge for AIPIM members, while non-AIPIM members will be charged 100 patacas.
Those who are interested in joining the workshops should register via e-mail to
This first round of the AIPIM TRAINING SERIES is being held with the support of the Government Information Bureau (GCS), Rui Cunha Foundation (FRC) and European Union Academic Programme in Macao (EUAP-M).

Macau, November 10, 2017.
AIPIM Board of Directors

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Macau Business Daily, 21/09/2017

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“Journalism watchdogs lambaste Macau for denying entry to Hong Kong journalists reporting on typhoon”
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AIPIM Talk Series with João Guedes as AIPIM celebrates 12th anniversary
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) celebrated its 12th anniversary on Saturday, July 8, at the Military Club of Macau. Our esteemed journalist and writer João Guedes, one of AIPIM's founding members, delivered a very interesting talk on the History of Macau's Portuguese Press. It was a truly meaningful event attended by more than six dozens of people from different communities who celebrated João Guedes's priceless contribution to the city's journalism and to preserve and cherish our collective Memory and memories.
The talk and cocktail reception were followed by a lively dinner joined by about three dozens of AIPIM members who celebrated our Association's first 12-year cycle.
We would like to thank first and foremost João Guedes for his knowledge, wisdom and for being a key reference to all of us. We would also like to thank those who attended Saturday's event and  those who could not be present, but have been playing a role throughout the last 12 years.

AIPIM Talk Series: Afonso Camões, editor-in-chief of Jornal de Notícias
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) is honoured to have Afonso Camões, editor-in-chief of Portugal’s leading newspaper Jornal de Notícias, as our guest speaker. The session will take place at 6:30pm, May 24, Wednesday, at the Military Club. This event is organized with the support of Clube Militar de Macau and weekly newspaper Plataforma. Kindly note that the talk will be conducted in Portuguese.
Afonso Camões is editor-in-chief of Jornal de Noticias since 2014. He has been a professional jounalist since 1979 and has worked for a number of publications  including O Primeiro de Janeiro, O Jornal, Expresso and O Semanário. Afonso Camões was based in Macau between 1991 and 1999 where he was director of the Government Information Bureau (GCS). Back in Portugal, he was executive director of Controlinveste Media group (2005-2009) and President of the Executive Committee of Lusa - Portuguese News Agency (2009-2014).

AIPIM adopts Code of Ethics and Journalist Statute
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has approved the Code of Ethics and Journalists' Statute at an extraordinary general meeting held on May 20, 2017.
The approval and adoption of both documents is a watershed as it is the outcome of a process which began a few years ago, aimed at taking our approach to key ethical guidelines to a higher level. AIPIM’s Board of Directors would like to thank all those who contributed to the discussion and deliberation of the above-mentioned documents, which will now pave the way for future steps towards self-regulation.

FCC (HK) President discusses Fake News in AIPIM Talk Series
The second session of the "AIPIM Talk Series" was held on Friday, May 12, at the Military Club. Our guest speaker, Eric Wishart, president of the Foreign Correspondents'' Club, Hong Kong, (FCC, HK) delivered a truly compelling and inspiring talk on "News Judgment, Fact-Checking and the Challenges of Fake News", followed by a lively Q&A session.
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) would like to thank, first and foremost, Eric Wishart, all those who joined the session and, of course, the Military Club for its priceless support and assistance.
Those who couldn't make it to Friday's session can watch the full video recording available at our (AIPIM's) Facebook page. We had our very first Facebook Live on Friday:
You can also find photos of the event (by Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, member of our Board) here:

AIPIM issues statement on Legislative Election news coverage
Following the exchange of messages and letters between the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) and the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee and taking into account what has been mentioned over the past weeks with regards to the news coverage of the upcoming election, please find below a statement on the matter.

AIPIM holds talk on One Country Two Systems
The first session of the "AIPIM Talk Series" was held yesterday at Rui Cunha Foundation. It was a fascinating lecture by Professor Sonny Lo, president of the Hong Kong Political Science Association, followed by a lively Q&A session.
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) would like to thank, first and foremost, Professor Lo, all those who joined the session and, of course, Rui Cunha Foundation for its priceless assistance.
Those who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s session can watch the full video recording available at Rui Cunha Foundation’s Facebook page:ção-Rui-Cunha-官樂怡基金會-394860337239409/videos/
This was hopefully the first of several talks and roundtables on current affairs aimed at strengthening our role in bringing to the limelight topics that we deem relevant.

AIPIM appoints Independent Committee to analyse press freedom questionnaires
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has held a meeting on March 11, at Rui Cunha Foundation about the press freedom which is being carried out.
At the beginning of the meeting the independent committee in charge of analysing the questionnaires was announced – it comprises veteran lawyer Frederico Rato (president), Rui Flores, a former journalist and director of te European Union Academic Program (Macau), and José Manuel Simões, also a former journalist and head of the University of Saint Joseph’s Communication and Media department.
AIPIM would like to thank the more than 40 journalists who participated in the survey and also to the three members of the committee who kindly accepted our invitation.
During the meeting the three committee members opened the A3 size envelopes containing the two smaller ones – the one with personal details and the other one with the answers to the questionnaires. Both small-sized envelopes remained sealed and were handed over to the committee members, who will be the only ones to access the content of the questionnaires.
Additionally, the committee was assigned with the task of drafting a report within four months to be submitted to the Board of Directors.
AIPIM Board of Directors

AIPIM requests meeting with Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee
Please note that the Board of Directors of the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has requested a meeting with the Legislative Assembly Electoral Affairs Committee. The meeting is aimed at clarifying doubts concerning the new Legislative Assembly Election Law.
Many thanks for your kind attention.
Best regards,
AIPIM Board of Directors

AIPIM elected for Governing Bodies of Macau Media Workers Associations' Welfare Union
The União de Beneficência das Associações de Trabalhadores da Comunicação Social de Macau (Macau Media Workers Associations' Welfare Union) held its annual general assembly meeting (electoral) yesterday (February 24).
The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) has kept the posts of vice president for each one of the Union’s governing bodies for the new two-year term.
Please find attached the Union’s annual report (2016), where you can find details regarding the health insurance scheme managed by the Union. The insurance mechanism covered a total of 1150 workers last year.
Kindly find below the list AIPIM representatives in the Union’s bodies:
General Assembly:
Luís Ortet
Supervisor Board:
João Francisco Pinto
Board of Directors:
Gilberto Lopes
José Carlos Matias
João Santos Filipe

“AIPIM’S new board expresses support for english media”, Macau Daily Times.